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The HATLAB Sandbox

Welcome to the HATLAB Sandbox, an environment for innovative experimentation. Our designers, engineers, researchers and partners come together to create tools, apps and plugs in the HATLAB Sandbox before going live. The HATLAB Sandbox has several features and services used by our partners.


What’s Happening (1 August)

HATLAB Sandbox welcomed 2 new partners in July: Joyn Social Media and Oomero Ltd.

Mark and Maven is live! Check them out here:

Our partner OneZero-Me is running a survey for their application on HATs – please help by taking the survey!

The Write Gender is live! Check it out on the HATStore.

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Road Map of Building Applications on the HAT

Road Map of Building Applications on the HAT

What is the HATLAB Sandbox

The HATLAB Sandbox is the environment where all components of the HAT ecosystem undergo testing before graduating to the live production environment. The sandbox encompasses:

  • HATs that may contain experimental data or features. The HATs in the Sandbox could be deleted, updated or even be in-operational at any time.

  • Service APIs that interact with in-development Partner Applications. These service APIs may contain new features requested by our partners.

Partners can make use of the Sandbox to familiarise themselves with APIs and Services of the HAT ecosystem. Partners are also expected to test their applications against the HATLAB Sandbox before being verified for access to the production HAT environments. To sign up for the HATLAB Sandbox, please fill in the Partner Enrolment Form.


There is an old saying: "You can't learn swimming in a library". Markets, economic and business models, behaviours, perceptions and exchanges are much like swimming. Unless it's in a 'real environment' it is hard to study it. 

The HATLAB Sandbox is a sandbox for economic engineering, the engineering of new economic transactions, markets and exchange models, instead of a sandbox for merely technology. Being "TEBBI-enabled" means the sandbox has the necessary expertise and processes to bring together partners and participants for Technology, Economics, Business and Behavioural Innovation. Market players e.g. individuals and third-party companies are part of the sandbox so that behaviours, business models, economic transactions and potential markets can be studied and tested in a HAT-enabled environment.

This helps mitigate risks for organisations that wish to test different consumer behaviours and economic/business models that pertain to personal data, as well as for research projects that use the HATLAB sandboxes to create new artefacts.

Grant Projects in the HATLAB Sandbox: DROPS, ACCEPT, PRIVELT

See all our applications in the HATLAB Sandbox

Create awesome Tools, Apps and Data Plugs on the HAT

The first step to creating SHE (Smart HAT Engine) Tools, DataPlugs, Applications and Websites on the HAT is to read the documentation at the developers portal. Once your Tool, App or Plug is ready, register for the HATLAB Sandbox using the Partner Enrolment Form. Submit your completed form with the Tool/App/Plug integration Form. All partners must be members of the HAT Community Foundation: Get a membership here.


Email all completed forms to

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Bountiful BOUNTIES

HATLAB and its partners put up bounties for new apps, plugs, tools so that developers and companies globally can create, thus enriching the HAT ecosystem with new data for the betterment of individuals, firms and society.

ECOSYSTEM Data Dashboard

The HAT ecosystem operates on API calls from HATs, Apps, Plugs and this data enables researchers to analyse the usage and volume of data  as well as the performance of the ecosystem. Our data dashboard gives an understanding of the state of the ecosystem.

(Coming soon)