The Digital Person: A Symposium with Wolfson College Cambridge

The use and manipulation of our personal data is of enormous global concern.  The Digital Person symposium is an annual event that discusses personal data from three perspectives:

  • digital personhood, law, freedom and democracy

  • personal data as an asset and the economic/business models

  • private analytics, data science and technology

 The Symposium produces a white paper annually on the science and art of the digital person. With broad-ranging appeal, the series is designed to interest those in the sciences, humanities and social sciences with discussions relating to law, computer science, history, sociology, entrepreneurship, business, economics  and the global society. The Symposium is organised by the HAT Community Foundation with support from Wolfson College Cambridge and the University of Warwick.


Visit 2019 Symposium site

White paper from the 2019 Wolfson-HAT Symposium (coming soon)