In Sandbox: WeTipp Data Plug

WeTIPP Data Plug

Project Lead: HATDeX

Partner Status

HAT Merchant

Partner Application Description

The WeTipp Data plug will allow users to import their data onto the WeTipp app to populate their profile and vice versa, enabling them to download all information that was gathered about them during the registration process and afterwards back into their HATs.

On WeTipp, users are able to build or join communities. In joining a community they can indicate their interests, skills, location and any other information requested by the communities they are joining to better connect them with meaningful content, activities and people. With the WeTipp Data Plug, users will be able to import and export their personal data from and into their HAT.


Expected HATDeX Rating


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Expected Instructions to HAT Microserver (Permissions and Executions)

  • Read Access

  • Write Access

  • Data Debit

Targeted live date

15 March 2019