Terry: Engineer

Terry Lee, Senior Software Engineer, HATLAB


Terry (1).jpg

What do you design?

I design security-focused systems and application architectures. I also design semantics and common data vocabularies to ease data integration between systems with different data formats and languages.

What do you create?

I create backbone servers that integrate multiple services and data sources. These integrated services are then redesigned and exposed as a unified and coherent API. I also create business processes to share data across different corporate entities.

What outputs do you have?

Smart Contract and Cryptocurrency Fund - https://www.syntera.io

A Family HomeOffice Trading Tracker - https://www.charismatic.fund

Where do we go to follow your work?

My test playground - https://www.terrylee.info

My github - https://github.com/mudspot

What inspires your work?

Anything that takes my mind off algorithms and engineering inspires. Of special interests:-

  • Advances in BioInformatics, Assistive Biology and Medicine - there is a huge potential for computing science to assist in this area.

  • Mass Psychology - it's fascinating how people react to peer and social pressure.

  • Vinge Singularity - it's not a matter whether I believe in it or not. The ideas that come out of this field are very far-fetched, yet if we could extract the gems out...

  • Archaeology

  • TED Talks