Zena: Researcher

Dr Zena Woods, Senior Lecturer in Spatial Informatics, University of Greenwich

What do you design?

I design algorithms that allow individuals and groups to understand how they interact with their environment by analysing their movement patterns (e.g., identify the locations where they frequently visit, the routes that they typically take between two locations).

What do you create?

Smart HAT Engine (SHE) Tools that allow my algorithms to be used and that give individuals and groups insights into their behaviour.

Who would be interested in this?

Individuals and communities who wish to gain insights into their own data, retailers, and urban planners/designers.

What outputs do you have?

Research articles (links can be found on my website and my project websites).

Where do we go to follow your work?

LinkedIn, my own website (zenawood.net) or twitter @zenamwood.

What inspires your work?

Computer Science, Geographical Information Science (GIS) and Applied Ontology.