Glenn: Research Director, Professor of Digital Transformation

Glenn Parry, Professor of Digital Transformation, University of Surrey



What do you design?

My focus is on value creation. I explore value streams, systems, supply chains and business models that enable greater value to be realised by a firm’s clients and hence bring mutual benefit to the firm.

What do you create?

I create tools and guidance that enable value creation. Often that means understanding what use value means to the customer and what exactly it is the firm is delivering. The two aren’t always well aligned. I am particularly interested in how firms may be ‘good’ at all they do. There is a lot to unpack around that word!

What outputs do you have?

See my publications list. A couple of key useful outputs below.

IoT and personal supply chain data:

How to visualise complex images:

Where do we go to follow your work?

I share thoughts on YouTube:

Twitter: @drgeep

My University profile includes lists of papers and my background:

I put occasional pieces on LinkedIn:

What inspires your work?

I’m in Operations Management and Strategy, but work transdisciplinary, particularly across engineering, computer science, supply chain management and biochemistry.

I love ideas. I have my YouTube channel and also publish a lot of papers as I believe all ideas should be shared and discussed to help them develop and have impact. Personal data should be just that – and the HAT provides a solution that puts the individual in charge, it helps create value, and I think it is good!