Carlos: Researcher

Dr. Carlos Molina-Jimenez: Senior Research Associate, Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge

HAT project: TESCON (Tools for the Enforcement of Smart CONtracts)


What do you design?

I design smart contract applications that can be deployed alternatively on-blockchain, off-blockchain or on hybrid platforms.  

A smart contract is the digital equivalent (an executable program) of a conventional business contract that can be executed online and automatically. Examples of business contracts are tenancy agreements and car renting contracts. 

Smart contracts are the best known and one of the most promising applications of blockchain.

What do you create?

I implement software tools that developers can use for: 

i) implementing smart contract applications

ii) formally verifying their logical consistency at design time, and

iii) formally verifying conformance testing at deploy time. 

Who would be interested in this?

  • Software companies that develop middleware software to support the implementation of blockchain application including smart contracts.

  • Companies that execute application involving contractual agreements such as banks, insurances, supply chain industry and law firms.

  • Academics interested in blockchain.

What outputs do you want to feature?


1) "Implementation of Smart Contracts Using Hybrid Architectures with On-and Off-Blockchain Components”

Available at ResearchGate:


2) "On and Off-Blockchain Enforcement Of Smart Contracts"



Git repositories:

1) TECOmate (Tools for the Enforcement of Smart Contracts Online with MAthematics and TEchnology)

2) contraval (a tool for validating contracts)

3) conch (a tool for checking contract compliance)

Where do we go to follow your work?

1) My home page 

2) TESCON project at ResearchGate:

3) TESCON project web page:

What inspires your work?

I am a computer scientist. My research is always driven by my passion for exploring new ideas and technologies, in particular, in topics of commercial interest that are related to computer networks and distributed systems.