HATLAB Project

Project Lead

Professor Irene Ng

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HATLAB is the innovation space where new projects, MVPs, and pilots or proofs of concept are created before they go into the HAT live environment.

The HAT live environment is managed by HAT Data Exchange Ltd

HATLAB supports a community, all of whom are working on HAT-related projects. We catalyse collaborations with government, universities, industry, and startups.

HATLAB brings together people interested in the design and creation of all kinds of artefacts on the HAT. These can include apps, tools, plugs, a set of legal rights, a framework for permissions, a machine learning algorithm, or a method.

HATLAB is also the knowledge and education hub of the HAT ecosystem. We host educational and outreach events and executive programmes.

HATLAB Objectives

  1. Increase knowledge and understanding of the HAT ecosystem across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities

  2. Increase knowledge and understanding of the wider personal data economy across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities

  3. Achieve the HAT's global impact by transforming industry, policy and society

HATLAB Activities

  • Promoting R&D collaboration and partnership on HATs

  • Using HATs for research e.g. in health, wellbeing, data science, and AI

  • Networking and communication between HAT-related R&D projects

  • Managing the HAT ecosystem data gateway

  • Communicating HAT-related significant outputs

  • Design and engineering of new artefacts, MVPs or proofs of concept in the HAT ecosystem

  • Creating new HAT ecosystem services

  • Informing and advising HAT ecosystem partners

  • Creating and implementing educational programmes

Specific Activities

  • We feature designers, engineers, and researchers from across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities who are working on the HAT

  • We organise networking and communication events, and featured programme announcements

  • We organise dissemination and policy briefings

  • We manage the HATLAB Data Gateway where (1) researchers can acquire data from HAT owners, (2) data donors can donate data by getting a HAT, and (3) researchers can subscribe, download, and analyse data that is acquired from the HAT ecosystem

The HAT is a cutting-edge technology for the ownership and exchange of personal data. It features a private AI engine, and has a fully functioning ecosystem, designed and engineered through more than £10m of EPSRC funding, with partner organisations from across the United Kingdom. Learn more about the HAT at www.hubofallthings.com.

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