The HATLAB Global Innovation Network (GIN) Scheme

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The HATLAB Global Innovation Network (GIN) Scheme aims to maximise the impact of HATs, in collaboration with HAT universities and partners.


The HAT microserver is a legal, economic and technological breakthrough software device that enables the acquisition and storage of personal data. It bestows full ownership rights of the data on individuals for the purpose of exchange and creating private AI and analytics in real time and on demand. 

The HAT Community is a designed ecosystem of organisations and individuals promoting the use of the open-sourced HAT Microservers for individuals, startups, corporations, universities and government. It aims to spawn a new generation of Internet applications that are integrated with HAT Microservers, empowering individuals with their own data and creating market efficiency from their ability to re-use and re-share the data with organisations in a privacy-preserving manner.

Both the HAT Microserver and the HAT ecosystem are borne from research led by the University of Warwick with partner universities: University of West England, University of Cambridge, University of Surrey, University of Edinburgh, University of Nottingham (founder universities). Other partner universities such as the University of Kent, University College London and University of Exeter have created further research on the HAT. These efforts have resulted in the formation of the HAT ecosystem “enablers” and various legal, economic, technical artefacts and outputs e.g. the HAT Microserver, Rumpel dashboard, legal rights, economic markets. HAT partners are organisations that contribute to the impact of the HAT project through their collaboration with HAT enablers and their usage and application of HAT outputs.

HAT Enablers. HAT ecosystem enablers comprise of HAT Community Foundation (non-profit), HAT Data Exchange Ltd (for-profit), as well as collaborative initiatives of HATLAB (for HAT research, innovation and incubation) and the HAT Accelerator (for HAT startups and scale-up). 

HAT Outputs. HAT outputs include the HAT Microserver, Rumpel dashboard (powering HAT apps), DataBuyer Engine, DataTrader application, and various research publication outputs on the HAT, HAT Data rights and ownership model and personal data markets.

HAT Partners. Partners in the HAT ecosystem consist of HAT issuers and HAT Merchants who accept data from the HAT for their website/application and members of the HAT Community Foundation. Partners commit to the use of HATs as the technology infrastructure and collaboratively participate in the governance of the ecosystem as members of the HAT Community Foundation, contributing to ethical ways of sharing HAT data with meaningful permissions.

HATLAB Global Innovation Network Scheme

The HATLAB Global Innovation Network (GIN) Scheme is aimed at maximising the demonstrable impact of the HAT enablers and outputs in three areas - society, industry and policy. The scheme is managed by HATLAB.

There are currently two programmes within the HATLAB GIN scheme: an Entrepreneur Support programme and a Risk-Sharing programme. Other programmes may be introduced over time and partners may propose new programmes as and when opportunities arise. Successful applicants may access resources contributed by HAT anchors and partners when they join the scheme.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate impact in their proposal. As such, applicants must be conversant with the HAT ecosystem, its legal, technical and economic frameworks, and are able to create offerings that will achieve impact. Applicants must draw substantially on the HAT enablers and outputs in terms of their usage and application, and they should have a clear focus of what or which enabler or output is creating the impact demonstrated.  Applicants also need to demonstrate how they will mature their offerings and are able to optimise the resources provided by the scheme through generating further support, either in terms of raising additional funds, creating new features, or other associated leveraging.

The following programmes are available under the scheme:

GIN Entrepreneur Programme

The Entrepreneur Programme is a combination of resources from the University of Warwick’s EPSRC DROPS project, HAT Data Exchange Ltd and the HAT Community Foundation to support an entrepreneur in taking an idea of a service on the HAT from ideation to creating an MVP/startup. The startup created would then be ready for its first pitch for funding and is eligible to join the HAT Accelerator.

Programme’s Aim and Resources Available

The Entrepreneur Programme aims to start the creation of a new startup on the HAT much earlier in the innovation process, i.e. at the point when entrepreneurs have their first idea of what new services can be created in a world where rich personal data is available and in the control of individuals. 

Successful applicants to the Entrepreneur Programme will have access to:

  1. Initial design, logo and spec of their app

  2. Training for coding up their app

  3. Free HAT app license to code up the new app to get to MVP in one month

  4. CTO advice and mentoring to support a technical team

  5. Project management for the product and team on ASANA

  6. Advice and mentoring to get the deck pitch perfect for the first Angel round investment

  7. Three days of technical HAT App Support  

  8. Up to five HAT Microservers in sandbox for demonstration, test and use

  9. Business/economic model advice and mentoring to create a business model

  10. CFO advice and mentoring to assist in planning, cashflows and budgeting

The GIN Entrepreneur Programme is often combined with local funds (fondly referred to as “the tonic”) globally to catalyse new collaborations on the HAT. Applicants may need to attend workshops and other training programmes to be eligible. To understand the road map of building on the HAT, see diagram below.

GIN Risk-Sharing Programme

The GIN Risk-Sharing programme is contributed by HATDeX and partner issuers of HATs to assist organisations to scale up the number of HATs when introducing their HAT-enabled offering into the market.

Programme’s Aim and Resources Available 

The Risk-Sharing Programme is introduced to help startups or other organisations fund their first 100,000 HATs. Since HAT Microservers belong to individuals, the same HAT accessing an application can be used to access other applications. The GIN Risk-Sharing Programme enable HATDeX to coordinate the shared gains and risks of issuing HATs in the ecosystem, making it possible for innovative startups and organisations to use HAT data without the burden of paying for HATs in the first instance.

Successful applicants to the Risk-Sharing Programme will have access to:

  1. Free issuance of HATs; up to 100,000 or for one year, whichever is achieved sooner

  2. Free registration and featured listing on HATStore

  3. Free first-year membership to HAT Community Foundation

  4. Free app certification fee

Please note that all applicants must have applications/websites that have graduated from the HATLAB sandbox in terms of usability and satisfactory application of the HAT ecosystem’s legal, economic and technological frameworks. There are limited places on this programme.

Applications for the GIN Scheme is now open. Download Application Guidelines here as well as an Application Form (WORD or PAGES). Submissions are considered monthly.

Road Map of HATLAB Sandbox process with the HATLAB GIN Scheme

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