The HAT Global Innovation Network (GIN) Fund

The HAT Global Innovation Network (GIN) Fund supports a global network of partners that aim to catalyse innovation on the HAT in their local territories.

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HAT GIN Fund consist of bringing the HATLAB team together to support an entrepreneur in:

1. Initial design, logo and spec of your app

2. Training for coding up your app

3. Free HAT app license to code up the new app to get to MVP in 1 month

4. CTO advice and mentoring to support your technical team

5. Project Management for your product and team on ASANA

6. Advice and mentoring to get your deck pitch perfect for your first Angel round investment

7. 3 days of technical HAT App Support

8. Up to 5 HAT Microservers in sandbox for demonstration, test and use

9. Business/Economic Model advice and mentoring create your business model

10. CFO advice and mentoring to assist in planning, cashflows and budgeting

The HAT GIN Fund is combined with local funds (fondly referred to as “the tonic”) to catalyse new collaborations.

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