HATLAB is an innovation space where new projects, MVPs, and pilots or proofs of concept are created before they go into the HAT live environment.

The HAT live environment is managed by HAT Data Exchange Ltd

HATLAB supports a community, all of whom are working on HAT-related projects. We catalyse collaborations with government, universities, industry, and startups.

HATLAB brings together people interested in the design and creation of all kinds of artefacts on the HAT. These can include apps, tools, plugs, a set of legal rights, a framework for permissions, a machine learning algorithm, or a method.

HATLAB is also the research, knowledge and education hub of the HAT ecosystem. We host educational and outreach events and executive programmes. New legal, economic and technological artefacts (including compliance rules and new procedures created within HATLAB before being deployed by HAT Community Foundation Regulatory function or HAT Data Exchange Technology Platform.



HATLAB is located in Warwick, London, and Cambridge


HATLAB Warwick

WMG, Gibbet Hill Road, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL


The Brew Eagle House, 163 City Road, Hoxton, London SE1 0TF

HATLAB Cambridge

8 Comberton Road, Barton, Cambridge CB23 7BA, UK


Jonathan Holtby


Terry Lee